April 3, 2020

Episode 7: Success “For Us”

What helps a relationship grow? Most people say emotional support, sexual expression and respect. Yes, they are all important parts of an adult relationship, and then some. But let's be honest. Unless couples are individually healthy, the relationship will struggle. So, with the Enneagram in mind, some believe as long as you match up with the "right" number, love naturally follows. But as our guests - Hannah Deadman-Arnst and Ryan Arnst - point out on this podcast, there's no such thing as the right number; rather a determination to understand each others persona. Success "for us" explores the intricacies of healthy relationships with a performer-observer couple (Type 3 and 5). Show notes: for more on the cover song "So Will I" by the Deadman's, check out their video. 


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